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Cafe Kozjak

A relatively small but ambient and invaluable one-room ground floor of the original restaurant by architect Zdenko Strižić dating back to the late 1940s was evoked and creatively interpreted with subtle use of area-specific materials around the Plitvice Lakes, dressed stone, and trunks with naturally preserved lower branches.

Located in a natural sinkhole near the tourist promenade, covered with a single-pitched roof, the log cabin is particularly interesting because of its relationship to the outside space, a glazed and movable elongated wall facing the lakes, with terraces on several levels and two fireplaces for food preparation on an open fire.

NP Plitvička jezera
NP Plitvička jezera
440 m²
Project team
Siniša Zdjelar, Antonija Plavotić, Petra Komadinić, Miljan Salata

Projekt d.o.o., AEC projekt d.o.o., Zaštita inženjering konzalting d.o.o.

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