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Castua Pentagon

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The Castua Pentagon is an administrative building with a specific floor plan, derived from local conditions of irregular plot shape in the built environment, which fits into the interpretation of traditional local materials, stone and wood, and design based on facades fused with sloping roof surfaces.

Functionally based circular zones of communications, auxiliary rooms, and workspaces wrap around the central core with an expressive atrium, providing employees with the comfort and aesthetics of a state-of-the-art luxury villa containing all the elements essential for a comfortable and healthy workplace.

In addition to the latest-generation intelligent lighting, which adjusts the light intensity to current solar conditions, the building contains floor heating and ceiling cooling systems, a lounge section for business associates on the second floor, luxuriously equipped service areas and elevator, and an exclusive 9-meter sculpture in the central atrium.

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Cedar d.o.o.
2014. - 2018.
1.200 m²
Project team
Siniša Zdjelar, Antonija Plavotić, Ana Burić

Projekt d.o.o., Presjek d.o.o., Matulji projekt d.o.o., Aleksandar Ćiković, Topoing d.o.o., Lift Modus d.o.o, Termozop projekt d.o.o.

Damir Plavotić

Dezeen long listed 2019

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